Classmembers' Corner

Welcome all new and returning classmembers to the Finest City Squares!

All of the calls for Mainstream and Plus class are listed below. Every call has a link to the call definitions where you may see an actual animation of how each person in the square moves. For those of you who feel so inclined, this allows you to review what you have learned between class sessions or to look ahead. There is more information on this at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! .

Below are some useful links should you wish to do some extra studying.

Square Dance Call Definitions and Animations This link will take you to the main website of Tamtwirlers Taminations. Just click on the desired program (Mainstream, Plus, etc.) at the top, then choose a call. Use the slider to move the dancers through the call at whatever speed you want. This is very useful because the slider lets you control the playback speed so you can study the movement of the call.

Here are the official program definitions of the calls from Callerlab.